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Face Masks / Face Covers


Hello!  It's Angéle, CEO and founder of Whipped Natural, LLC.  Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the CDC's recent recommendation that we all wear cloth masks, I decided to use my hands in a different way to help provide some sense of safety to our customers.  I hand sew each mask so that you can contour them around the bridge of your nose and cheeks, wash and dry them or sanitize them, and reuse them over and over again.  I even include a pocket in case you want to add a filter for extra protection.  Due to high demand, you may find items "Sold Out."  Rest assured, I will be making masks nearly every day, as long as the demand is high.  Please check back daily for updated inventory.  I know this isn't in our 100% Natural wheelhouse, but I needed to use our Whipped Natural™ platform to get the masks in your hands as fast as possible. 


Remember to sanitize your mask every time you wear it outside.  If you purchase enough to wash and wear a clean one every day until laundry day, that's great!  If you only have a few, spray them with Lysol and throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes as soon as you get home.  Do not touch the outside of the masks after use until they have been sanitized because that's where all the germs are that DIDN'T make it to your face!  Always put the side with the filter pocket directly on your face so that you don't get confused.  Once you sanitize your mask, be sure to wash your hands.


Now, take a deep breath.  Stay home as much as possible.   If you must go out, wear your face cover.  Throw a filter in there if you need added protection. (Note:  Even a coffee filter can add an extra layer between you and the virus!)  We will get through this!  God is still in control; and as I pray over each and every mask, along with everything we make under the Whipped Natural umbrella, do everything you can to STAY WELL!

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