Hair & Body Butter

  • Provides Relief from Eczema

  • Safe for Babies!

  • Vegan!  

  • Made with organic, extra virgin, Grade A, pure ingredients!

  • Alleviates Dry, Rough Skin and Cracked Feet

  • Provides Relief from Eczema (Safe for Babies!)

  • Aids in Generating Healthy Scalp

  • Promotes Hair Growth

  • Smooths and Softens Skin

  • Heals Sunburn 

  • Softens Twist-Outs, Knot-Outs, Braid-Outs and Wash-N-Go Hairstyles

  • Detangles Hair

  • Improves Hair Texture for Flat-ironing

  • Adds Sheen to Both Hair and Skin


It has been estimated that our skin absorbs over 100 chemicals daily!  Whipped Natural Hair and Body Butter is made with pure, all-natural, organic, vegan, chemical-free, paraben-free, extra virgin, and/or Grade A ingredients.  

It's 100% Natural - Just Like YOU!

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