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Add up the cost of your hair dresses and moisturizers, your hand cream, your body lotion, your lip balm, and your staple baby oils and petroleum jellies.  Have you gone over $100 yet?  Now, add up all of the ingredients in each of those products (yikes!) and ask yourself what they are and how they are pronounced. Ok, stop - that's way too much work!  

Whip your skin (and hair!) into shape by using our 100% natural products.  We've taken the healing and nourishing properties that nature has given us in things like mango, shea, argan and coconut trees, and developed products that will leave your skin (and hair!) feeling nourished and looking healthy. Our Hair and Body Butter is a natural moisturizer and conditioner - great for everything from babies to beards, as it melts into skin and hair, leaving behind a beautiful sheen. Our "Whip Stick" is a natural Lip Treatment that glides on without the shiny finish, making it perfect for the entire family.  Our Total Repair Hair Serum is working miracles that we can only attribute to Almighty God Himself. (Take a look at our Before and After pictures!)

Hair and Body

Our Whipped Hair and Body Butter is so versatile!  Although originally created to treat dry skin and eczema, the organic, grade A, cold pressed ingredients are so effective, we have gotten reports from hair stylists using it on hair, customers using it to treat dry scalps, and even from people using Whipped Natural to detangle hair extensions!  (Check out our blog page for that  amazing video!)  This is a creamy, buttery experience that literally melts into your skin and hair, leaving it soft and supple.  NO Chemicals!  NO Parabens!  NO Artificial Ingredients!  Just the best of nature, whipped, jarred and sealed just for you.


Wave Wax and Curl Tamer is the perfect product for those of us with waves, beards, curls or coils.  It seals in the moisture, while providing the perfect all-natural combination of ingredients to enhance the skin underneath the hair.  Stay protected and perfectly in place all day long.

Total Repair Hair Serum is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that have proven to aid in the restoration and repair of the scalp, hair and beard.  Avocado oil, for example, has a high monounsaturated fatty acid content, which is an amazing nutrient for dry, damaged and weak hair.  That's just one of over ten ingredients in our serum, which also includes jojoba, argan oil, marula oil, and Vitamin E. We have gotten reports of customers using the serum to treat alopecia - after just a few days, they have seen sprouts!  We'll stay on top of this, but in the meantime, check out the before and after pics from customers that have agreed to show their progression from using our product.  Then try it for yourself!  Use it at home, or take it with you to your next salon appointment. Just a few drops goes a long way toward Total Repair! 


Have you ever actually felt a baby's bottom?  It's seriously amazingly soft!  Why?  Because there are absolutely no dead skin cells on a baby's bottom.  It's all fresh, brand new skin.  You can have the same softness with a little exfoliation in combination with our "Magic Mask."  It's a mixture of minerals and natural resources that bring elements like iron, magnesium, sodium, silica, copper, calcium, and potassium to your skin.  It also has spices to treat acne and bring oxygen to your face. Of course, everything we bring you is 100% natural, but this mask takes nature to a whole new level.  Add combinations of all natural ingredients from your own kitchen to bring a customized spa experience to your skin.  Need a little moisture?  Add in some mashed avocado.  Looking for a bit of glow?  Honey will "dew" the trick!  Why spend $100s of dollars in the spa, when you could spend a fraction of that on a Magic Mask and have your own custom spa experience in the comforts of your own home?  Put on some music, whip up your favorite Magic Mask mixture and bring in the week with a fresh face! 


Our All-Natural Lip Therapy Pots are made with organic beeswax, sweet almond oil and other ingredients that will keep your lips soft and healthy for hours!  Use it before bedtime and see the difference in the morning.  Or, keep it with you to use throughout the day.  The matte finish makes it perfect for the entire family! This lip treatment goes on like a second layer of skin.  No shine, no fuss, and no gloppy lips for you this winter! Perfect for men, children and even underneath lipgloss, Whip-Stick will keep your lips from being dry and chapped, without adding a lot of extra goop and product to your mouth.  Of course, it's 100% natural, containing healing elements like vitamin E and eucalyptus to smooth and soften your lips through any weather! 


This All-Natural Healing Balm, is seriously . . . THEE balm!  This is the stuff you need for those tough scars, that cracky problem area, or those crusty heels.  Soften your knees and elbows, or just use after hand washing to keep a protective layer of moisture between you and the elements.  Just a tiny bit goes a very long way.  


So you got Whipped, huh?  Be proud of the fact that everything about you is 100% Natural!  Show off that glowing skin, those beautiful strands and those soft lips while sporting the brand that made it all possible.  Whipped Natural t-shirts come sized from Small to XXL.


We are constantly expanding our product line with new fragrances.  We've found the following to be tried and true:

Spa Day:  Combines a blend of essential oils that are proven to provide relaxation, stress-relief and aid in anxiety and depression.  We like to open a company jar once in a while and just deeply inhale the fragrance on a busy, stressful day.

Sweet Vanilla: Smells good enough to eat!  (But please refrain from ingesting our products!) Vanilla is known to be an antioxidant, aphrodisiac and anti-carcinogen. So...slather it on!

Sandalwood: Popular with men, this fragrance gives a soft, woodsy scent with just a touch of manly musk.  It's mild enough that it won't clash with your cologne.  However if used alone, it yields just enough fragrance to intrigue the one you like to hold close.

Tea Tree:  If your primary use for Whipped Natural is for your hair, then this is our recommendation.  Tea tree is known to soothe the itchy, flaky scalp, promote hair growth, and relieve dandruff.  However, feel free to use it on your skin and reap the other benefits of tea tree essential oil, such as healing acne, cold sores, chicken pox and even itchy insect bites.

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