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Hair has long been known as a woman's glory; however, women and men alike put a lot of thought, energy and trust (not to mention money) into the person who cares for their hair. Unfortunately, many stylists today place more emphasis on the temporary look of the hair than the quality and care of the hair and products used to achieve the desired "look." Harsh chemicals and severe treatments can force hair to perform and have a seemingly beautiful texture, which pleases clients and builds clientele. However, these techniques don't usually support a healthy scalp and hair growth in the long run.

Shelley Jackson, owner and founder of SJH (Shelley Jackson Hair) in Fox Point, Wisconsin, is one of a few stylists who take pride in using products with all-natural ingredients to preserve not only the look, but the texture and health of the hair. "I want my clients to feel safe and comfortable about what's going into their hair. Natural products - Whipped Natural products in particular - provide that security."

Shelley has been styling hair since her days in the college dorm at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, almost 20 years ago. After graduating with a degree in Communications and Social Work, she developed a passion for helping women to look and feel their best. She then pursued a cosmetology license from Waukesha County Technical College. Today, Shelley uses her extensive communication skills to listen, council and increase confidence in women during the short (and I mean short!) time she has them in her chair, while making them look amazing. Check out a few of the looks Shelley creates on a regular basis, using all-natural products from Whipped Natural:

Why Whipped Natural?

"I like it so much that I carry it in my shop. The outcomes of Whipped Natural products have never disappointed me or my clients; it always ends in a happy client and a post service sale. The Hair and Body Butter, for example, helps me control the hair, whether it's fine, thick, twisted out or in a natural curl patterned style . . . I just alter the amount I use to get the same control, regardless of texture, which saves me money in the long run. I use the Total Repair Hair Serum on wet hair that has been shampooed, conditioned and, detangled. (I sometimes add a leave in conditioner, if necessary.) I put a few drops on my fingertips and massage the scalp, because anything I put on the scalp will eventually touch the hair. Then I use a heat protectant and dry the hair. That's all the product I need. After that, I style/flat iron, and Viola!" Shelley likes the serum so much, that she recently took it to a Pop Up event in Dallas, TX.

Tips for clients:

"Healthy hair is the prettiest hair style. I know women want to hang on to those dead ends so that they don't lose length, but it's simply not pretty. Shorter, healthy hair is much prettier than long raggedy hair. Believe it or not, hair will retain it's length even better and faster once it's healthy. Besides, I feel like I'm not giving you the very best treatment if I let you leave with the same damage you had upon entry."

Future plans for SJH?

In addition to helping women look their best, Shelley has a passion for assisting them in becoming their best selves and achieving their goals. Her plans are to turn her business into a hub where women can network and help each other grow. She's also in the beginning stages of starting her own line of hair care products! Follow her on Instagram @mysjhair for updates!

For more information on Whipped Natural products, please visit online at, or Facebook at, or Instagram @whippednatural. Take it with you to the salon to ensure that quality ingredients are being used on your hair.

Whipped Natural products are 100% Natural - Just Like YOU!

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