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Hello!  My name is Angéle, and the idea for Whipped Natural™ came about when I made the decision for my family to buy and use as many natural foods and products as possible. I couldn't understand why we consistently use and eat things that we can't pronounce.  We have no idea what the ingredients are, from where they come, or from what they are made.  Yet, we ingest them and slather them all over our bodies on a daily basis! Now, while I'm not willing to give up the occasional fast-food meal (or snacks, or candy. . . ), there are some steps I can take to keep things more natural in our household.   


Why hair and skin?


Well, our oldest daughter was born with eczema and our youngest daughter had a brief bout with the disease as well. Her little cheeks were so red and splotchy; she had dry patches in her hair and on her tummy.  The prescription ointment wasn't working and it wasn't safe for her to use as often as she seemed to need it.  So, I did some research on natural skin care and I ended up developing a "magic" recipe that worked - not only for Brooklynn, but for our entire family!  I wanted something that was healthy and moisturizing for both skin and hair and I think I found the perfect combination of ingredients to make our Hair and Body Butter.  Once people started realizing that my daughter's skin is healthy and eczema-free, everyone around us wanted a sample - and they all loved it!  That product prompted me to find more all-natural products and skin care solutions; which is why we've introduced Lip Therapy Pots, a new Lip Treatment for the whole family, Total Repair Hair Serum for hair and beards, and Magic Mask, a customizable face mask for a full at-home spa experience!  It also means that we have plans to continue to expand the product line in the near future. 


So, that's how we all got Whipped.  


My goal is to provide convenient access to all-natural, multi-purpose products for every-day people.  A lot of the organic, "high-end" options are unaffordable for people.  Why is that? Nobody should have to break the bank in a high-end grocery store for organic products, or even in a department store for a bunch of chemicals and other ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.  Replace your hand creams, body lotions, foot/heel balms and hair dresses with our all-natural Hair and Body Butter so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin and in your hair.


I encourage you to try it!  Whip your skin into shape by trying our all-natural products. Your hair, skin, face and lips will thank you and reward you by giving you a  hydrated sheen and a glow that will knock (and keep!) your socks off. 


Every single one of our products is 100% natural - Just Like YOU!

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Whipped Natural Hair and Skin Care Products
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