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Extend Your Hair!

Wasn't Whipped Natural was originally created for skin care? Indeed, the idea for Whipped Natural came about because our founder was looking for something to treat her daughter's eczema. Trust me, the Whipped Natural Team knows that story by heart! However, as we've become more and more successful, we're learning that there are other applications for the Whipped Natural Hair and Body Butter. So, as we get them, we bring them to you!

Shantee Williams has informed us that she uses Whipped Natural Hair and Body Butter in her hair extensions to keep them detangled and to flat-iron her hair and keep it straight for an entire week! She owns a company called Bundles of Weave (or B.O.W), headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. They specialize in bundles, wigs and clip-in hair extensions. Here's her story:

"I was enjoying a fun weekend away from the family with my girlfriend. As she was styling her hair, I noticed that she was using a product that I had never seen. It was the Whipped Natural Hair and Body Butter. She was using it to flat-iron her naturally wavy hair, and I was impressed with the way it left her hair straight and shiny, but not greasy. So, I eagerly dug my finger in the jar and tried it on my hair. Although I had extensions in my hair at the time, it worked so well! It blended my natural hair with the hair extensions, leaving them both shiny and healthy-looking. It wasn't weighed down or greasy-feeling. I'll be recommending this to my customers from now on!"

You can see Shantee's video demonstration here:

Thanks for the feedback, Shantee!

P.S. If you're interested in using hair extensions, try B.O.W. at

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